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Helping reduce injuries and sustain careers of hotshots



design a tool

14 weeks



how to begin?

the seasons are getting hotter +
the forests, drier

Growing up in Colorado, wildfires were common

every summer.

With climate change only increasing the frequency and severity of droughts, wildfires will only get

more intense.

This project focuses on supporting and helping

the hotshots who risk everything to protect

life and property.

site visits

nearby stations

First-hand information would be essential for this project, so I visited many stations in LA

mobile studio

Hotshots I interviewed could be gone at a moment's notice and did not know what hors they would be in the station. I turned my car into a fast-response working office during research phase to get the necessary primary source information.

critical insights

primary sources

critical insights

secondary sources

so what?

synthesis of insights

NOT reporting pain points is an insight in itself
These hotshots love their job and will quietly suffer injuries so as to continue working and stay with the family-like crew.
This project needs to help support and empower without patronizing.

handtool exploration

foamcore test

intriguing, but potentially awkward in size, need to try
it in a more rigid form factor

pvc test

adjustable model

testing ergonomic
configurations quickly

testing, testing

Design is a team sport, special thanks to my colleagues and friends for their discussions, critiques, and feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Special Thanks for this Project

Leonard Wozniak

Alaina Mickes

Andrew Peterson

Eric Olsen

Brad Larsen

Bryant Rivas

Industrial Design Project

How might we help empower and sustain the careers of hotshots?

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