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I am a humorous creative with a professional voice who strives to

create informed, innovative designs.

a map of ian-landia

I have been very fortunate to travel

most of my life and it gives my designs

a rounded, world view.

I have lived, worked and explored in many places. I grew up in Colorado for 24 years then California for 4 years and Germany for 1 year.

Hello! My name is Ian

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, exploring lakes and forests, looking to the stars and wondering what was beyond. My curiosity and exploration fostered my love of learning and led me to a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Engineering Design.

Engineering taught me the what and the how but design explores the who and the why. I love the messy first stages, the immersive research, the rough sketches and brainstorming with a team, in order to extract the most promising insights.  This foundation creates a solid launchpad that is necessary to reveal valuable and energizing concepts that reach new territories. Incremental redesign often lacks innovation and I want to create opportunities that provide value and help the largest number of people. I want to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of the future.


Let's get to work!

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