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Bridging Security and Style

In-Production Wifi Camera

Designed on a 6 month

Internship with studiomem


The client approached studiomem wanting a new wifi surveillance camera aimed at a high-end, European market.

Time Frame

6 months

Full Production Cycle

I was very fortunate, with support from my fantastic team at studiomem, to lead my own client project on the internship. The 6 month duration meant I was able to see the design from initial sketches all the way to production.

**Note: On this project, there were alternative concepts proposed and refined alongside the final presented, but remain the confidential IP of studiomem after final client selection.**

De-Tech Your Tech

The client wanted to replace their large, outgoing model with something small and aimed at a higher end market.

Research of benchmark competitors consistently showed the same color palette and materials, something we changed to help the product stand out by turning down the "tech" look.

Inspired by external geometries of vintage film projectors

Refining the proportions of the film projector

Too soft! Precision

edges give a desirable higher-end feel

Why does this happen?

To attract a higher-end market, it would need special features over a standard model to increase user value.

There is a recent phenomena of people using physical objects to cover their web camera. It a symptom of a need for privacy and a distrust of software. This need for items to be "obviously off" was a guiding insight in the design.

The final design contains geolocating, it knows when you are in proximity by your smart phone and turns off recording for privacy. The lens rolls into the body to make it visually impossible for the camera to see you.

When you are far enough away, the camera returns to a surveillance mode.

"Obviously Off"

Sculptural + Quiet

An expensive market would not want something cheap or unsightly in the home, the minimalist form of the camera

seamlessly blends into the home when not in use.

Small Sells

A key selling point to this design was its tiny volume, the cube is 57mm to a side. This meant a lot of back and forth rearranging and resizing components and planning tooling molds.

Lens and PCB

Tilt and Pan Motors

Speaker and Microphone


Working with the production engineers, we figured out how to place all the interior components and the part separation lines. The concept pictured here, illustrated one way to handle the lens: sandwiched on either side.  For the target market, we need to reduce and eliminate unsightly part lines.

Mounting Hardware

The design works functionally and aesthetically inverted,

if the user desired to mount to the ceiling. Matching brackets we designed to integrate with the geometry harmoniously.

Micro SD Card

Power Input

Reset Button



Hidden Part Line

Buttons and 

Input Features

Privacy and Security

Design is a team sport, thanks to my colleagues and friends for their discussions, critiques, and feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Special Thanks for this Project

Rudolf Voigt and Anne Schlösser

Bert, Vicent, Abi, Alina, and Loreena

Karen Hofmann

Michael Sans and Robert Ball

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