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project cirin

Three month team project with Max Greenberg and Sameer Yeleswarapu. Project Cirin is a rubberband powered race car. Three rounds of working prototypes sorted out the function before the final "biostructure" was finalized.

See Project Cirin in Wired and Popular Mechanics!

amazon designstorm

I was selected to be on an intensive team working with 6 Amazon Creative Directors for advanced design and strategy concepts for the future of Amazon Alexa.

All work and results protected by NDA.

graduate research

During my engineering master's studies, I had the opportunity to work with Medtronic and University of Colorado surgeons to evaluate and test surgical screw placement for spine fusion procedures. I observed a procedure in the operating room and worked with patient data to provide feedback to the efficacy of the system.


6 month team project to design and build a robot from scratch that compete against another team to collect and sort ping pong balls, shooting one color into "their" goal and putting the other color in "our" goal.

Used Solidworks, Labview, Arduino and NI's SBRio

beastly blood orange

One week exercise in building a brand out of two words selected from a hat: an adjective, "beastly", and a noun, "blood orange".

Now that is a craft beer if ever I heard of one!

engineering capstone

1 year team project with Intel Corporation researching two-phase flow for liquid cooling of computer components. Proof of concept succeeded in achieving high rate of heat transfer and cooling.


Details and final design protected by NDA.

Used DAQ and Labview software, Solidworks, and CMC machining with mill/lathe.

graduate capstone 

1 year team project with Agilent Technologies researching user experience and design in probing and viewing components.


Led user interviews, manufactured prototypes and used Solidworks for final design.

Details and final design protected by NDA.

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