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Build a brand with a randomly chosen adjective and a separate randomly chosen noun.

Time Frame

1 week

Beastly and Blood Orange

The first step was to define what these terms meant personally.


Describing something particularly intense, beastly has come into its own definition in the current cultural climate. It has gone from unpleasant connotations in the midcentury to now, where beastly is steadfast, hardcore and heroic.

Blood Orange

A less common, but still accessible, blood orange is the perfect "it" flavor. It is just seasonal or exclusive enough to catch the attention of the foodie crowd but known by many.

Beastly Blood Orange?

That is a craft beer if ever I heard one

Design is a team sport, thanks to my colleagues and friends for their discussions, critiques, and feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Special Thanks for this Project

Darren Wong

Kurtis Schureman

Riley Gish

Branding Project

How might we build a brand from just two words?

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