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The Future of Telecommunication in 2030

14 weeks in Berlin, Germany with Vodafone team


vodafone wanted a fresh, outside take on what the future could be, represented in three videos

multi-disciplinary team

8 selected in application process

Ian Cullimore

Gary Chang

Longtao Wang

Kelly Weldon

Jeanette Kang

Caterina Han

Cooper Dai

Rensi Ying

Product Design

Interaction Design

Graphic Design

Environmental Design

process video

small space
limited materials
big ideas
let's do this!

"finding each other"

our point of view

With no change, we believe during the next 15-20 years people will increasingly value personal time and relationships among an overabundance of hollow content.

How do we help the future?

Finding Each Other is about using technology to strengthen interpersonal relationships, both physically and virtually.


This project is an exploration of how technology and Vodafone can help us

to Find Each Other.



This story is about a post-graduate

student struggling to find his way. He uses our technology to help break out of his slump.



This story is about two elderly citizens of different cultures who meet and bond over the realization that they 

both have strong memories on

the same bench.



This story is about a woman warped into 2030 by her mischievous children, where they end up exploring our vision of the future community.

Design is a team sport, special thanks to my colleagues and friends for their discussions, critiques, and feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Special Thanks for this Project

Michael Sans

Robert Ball

Karen Hofmann

Daniel Schubert

Rudolf Voigt

Vodalab Team


Industrial Design

Generative Research Project

What are the primary drivers

for people who curate collections?

Sponsored Corporate Vision

Team Project

How might we predict the future

of telecommunications?

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